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Heary Bros. Products Are Proudly Made in the USA.

WHAT WE DO: Design and Manufacture of Lightning Protection Systems for Commercial and Residential Installations.

Welcome to the web site for Heary Bros. Lightning Protection Co. Inc.

Every minute, more than 2,000 lightning flashes occur over the earth's surface. Usually, this lightning discharges harmlessly in the atmosphere, but when this lightning strikes the ground, it can cause considerable property damage, injury, and even loss of life.

You can't stop lightning, but you can prevent its destructive effects. For years, Heary Bros. Lightning Protection has designed and manufactured world-leading technologies that divert lightning ground strikes and prevent damage to buildings, property and people.

The components of our traditional multipoint systems are listed with UL Solutions / Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

We invite you to review our product catalog, check out some of our notable customer installations, and then contact our office for sales support and further product information.